Flying Model Rocket Safety Tips

Model rocketry has an excellent safety record even though they are sold as toys; there is a need to ensure they are handled with care. The following are basic guidelines, which you need to know if you want to buy your child a model rocket.

Treat rockets with respectfwerdf62wed62ye72u82

Even though they are regarded as toys, they are not things children should play around with. In fact, the biggest danger does not arise from propellant itself, which just burns for some seconds and it is less flammable as compared to modern airplane fuel. In this case, the biggest danger is being hit by stray rocket that may be flying at 200 MPH. This explains why common sense precautions like being alert, treating them with respect, and standing back are important.

Recommended minimum age

A minimum of 10 years old is the recommended age to fly a model rocket kit. Also, an adult should be present during the launch if the kid is less than 12 years old. You should note that laws vary from one state to another. For instance, in New Jersey, North Dakota, and Rhode Island have age restrictions on the purchase of rockets. In fact, some states have burned use of model rockets.

NAR safety code

You should note that this form of rocketry is self-regulated in the country. Also, the source of safety guidelines is National Association of Rocketry. It lays down a standard code of conduct and state of model rockets. It is a wonderful document for kids to read before using their first model rocket.

Commercially available rocket engines

The biggettwsedfcwfed23e7y272st cause of accidents in this rocketry is persons trying to create their on propellant. You should stick manufactured engines and kits from reputable manufacturers. You should give your rocket an inspection before launching it. Ensure it is stable so that it cannot fall over when engines ignite. Also, you need to check for loose parts and ensure its recovery system is not packed tightly.

Appropriate launch site

You should select a launch site that is open and a distant from buildings, power lines, and highways. Also, ensure there is no dry vegetation around as the engine can ignite it. Choose open spaces because of safety reasons and can make a recovery quite easy as well.